Tuition reimbursement plan

The total cost for the six-month program is $4,800 and is due upon receipt of acceptance into the New Agent Program . However, Cincinnati offers a sales incentive plan to allow your agency the opportunity to earn back the full amount. To be eligible for the plan, each producer must successfully participate in and complete the six-month program.

How reimbursement works

  • To recover the full tuition charge, each new producer who completes the program must produce $60,000 in Cincinnati new business premium. This includes all commercial lines policies (CSU, Work Comp & Umbrella), personal lines policies and bond policies. For each $1,000 in premium produced the producer earns one point. Each point is worth $80. A total of 60 points will recover the full tuition charge.
  • If a new agent does not produce the $60,000 in Cincinnati Insurance new business premium, a partial refund is available. An agent who does not earn 60 points may earn one point for each $1,000 in premium that he or she writes. Each point is worth $80. For example, if a new agent earns 42 points, the refund will be $3,360. ($80 x 42 points = $3,360)
  • Each policy that counts toward this incentive program must be produced by the agent enrolled in the New Agent Program with Cincinnati. This incentive plan runs for 12 months, beginning on the date your agent returns to your agency after the first week of training at Cincinnati’s headquarters. All policies must be written as new business after that date and still be in force when submitted for reimbursement.
  • It is your agency’s responsibility to record the new policies your agent places with Cincinnati during the incentive program. At the end of the program, we will ask for a copy of the list for verification purposes.
  • After all policies are verified, we will issue a reimbursement check to your agency.

*Cancellation Policy: If a producer cancels his or her spot in the New Agent Program prior to the Friday before the first class date, we will refund the full amount to the agency. Due to limited space, we do not provide refunds for any cancellations submitted after the Friday preceding the first class date.